Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]

Real Racing 3 APK
Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]
Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]

Real Racing 3

There was a time when people thought about phones as only a source of communication. But with the spread of smartphones, the basic theme of cell phones is now more reformed than ever. Smartphones are now becoming an all-in-one package for all the different tasks of our daily life and other tasks of high importance. Smartphones now provide a fantastic camera which can be used for capturing high-quality photos and videos. Smartphones provide users with different tools like a compass, maps in Real Racing 3 APK, GPS, the internet and so on. They also provide fantastic music player and portable video players. So at times, a smartphone can be a camera, a navigator, and even a multimedia player. And with tons of developments in last decade, they are even also slowly but surely becoming the main source of casual gaming for a huge number of people. You will see children of under 4 to adults of 30+ playing and enjoying these games. Even with all this, it is still commonly said that quality of gaming smartphones is not very high. It is said that mobile games are usually casual and small games which can be played on any device, though are not doubt very addictive. But they never involve high quality of graphics and therefore, will never be able to provide the highest quality of gaming. The real gamers, the hardcore ones need a game which has quality graphics with good storyline and missions. Electronic Arts developers have created, Real Racing 3, that fits all these requirements and answers well to all these questions. It not only has remarkable graphics but also provides players with some levels, with some goals to prove themselves better. It is the thirst of all gamers, to prove themselves better than other gamers and it is, therefore, the essence of many of the best-sellers. Real Racing 3 use this very well and has integrated it into its most prominent parts.

Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]
Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]

Rules of real racing 3 APK are pretty simple. Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins the race. However, the game has some further yet simple rules according to a different mode that a player might by playing.

There are 11 different modes available in this game and those are:
Cup Mode

This is one of most played mode because it offers high rewards and because most of the events are played in this mode. It is a regular race in which the player who gets to the finish line first, wins the race.

Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]
Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]

Real Racing 3 APK is another one of its popular models, yet a unique one. In this mode, a player has to cover a certain track in a limited time which is set by his competitors instead of game developers.


Elimination is a race mode where a player will never want to be in the last place. Because whoever is in last is eliminated at the end of a lap.

Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]

Head to Head

This is an exclusive multiplayer mode when a player just has one opponent stopping him from getting to the trophy. So coming at first is everything in this mode.


Endurance is also a unique mode of this game which is not found in any other racing game. In this mode, a player has to overtake his opponents and keep doing it in lap times to get more time and cover more distance. The player who can endure till the end wins.

Time Trial

Real Racing 3 APK is also a unique mode of this game. In this mode, a player has to cover a whole track while being totally on track in the least amount of time. If he goes off the track for even a bit, he gets disqualified. There are time trial rankings and players get rewards for being high in its rankings

Speed Snap

Real Racing 3 APK is the mode, where players have to move very fast at specific sites on track to get maximum speed and their standings depend on their results.

Speed Record

Speed record is kind of similar to speed snap but in this mode, there are no specific sites, rather the player has to attain the highest speed with his car that he can, before the finish line.


This mode is quite similar to the Cup but there is the addition of drifting and grid is large. The mode is also only limited to NASCAR vehicles.


Real Racing 3 APK is a remarkable and unique mode of this game. In this mode, there is a car which is a marked hunter and the player has to finish the race as far ahead of the hunter as he can.

Real Racing 3 APK [ Updated ]




Its gameplay is splendid with console level graphics. Its racecar driving is so realistic that it is characterized as sim racing game. It does not allow you to turn your expensive racecars on curves at high speed as easily as other games. You have to do it in the old-fashioned and real way. Do it slow and practice it to get better and then it will allow you to do it with high speeds. So the game is a bit hard and needs some time to be spent on Real Racing 3 APK, only then will you get better at it. There are superb nitrous and turbos. Steering and various others controls can be greatly customized which allows a player more control over the game and players can do great things with these customizations.

If a car gets damaged, a player also has to repair it which takes some time, though players can use real life money to get it done quick. Similarly, there are a lot of cars which can either not be gotten freely or it takes a long time to get them for free. Therefore, users have to get them by using real life money.


From above features and discussion, we can conclude that Real Racing 3 is the face of latest mobile gaming. It defines the mobile gaming as a whole, but there are some problems that should be addressed. Its premium model makes it harder for a normal player to enjoy it fully. He can only benefit from certain parts of the game because a large part of the game either needs real life money to be unlocked¬† or too much grinding. Real life money is not readily available for everyone to spend on games and why even spend money or so much time when we are here to offer our help. We not only provide you with apk of this app but also a mod, a way, to unlock all cars, all tracks and have unlimited money and coins to do whatever you want. So don’t waste any time and enjoy racing.

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